Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We've got an email from a friend asking help for a friend in need:

"Zac and Amy Ives' little girl, Anna, has been undergoingtreatment for cancer during the past two years. She's been through a lot, but she's been a trooper and unimaginably strong, charming everyone who has met her with unwaveringcheer.
Anna has been through her second surgery and has begun undergo radiation treatment, whichwill mean staying for up to 2 months in Boston. The family lives in Memphis and is not of the means of this kind of journey and time off from work. There is a website set up in Anna's honor by her friends and family: I'm asking all you you to donate something... anything you can, today. Please do it. It will take only ONE minute of your time, and if we can all do something, it will add up. The Ives family have been wonderful to me over the years, and I love them dearly. Please help. I freakin' hate cancer.So... even if you only have 5 extra bucks, throw it their way. It all adds up. "

Here is our piece.... Joe sent also some posters, and a painting by JShea and Yoskay.
We do what we can...